Recommend a Friend Terms and Conditions

The £40 M&S voucher incentive is only available to customers who have been accepted* for a 50+ Funeral Plan who recommend a friend or family member to Golden Charter via their local adviser, and this recommendation results in the referred person taking out a funeral plan, subject to the following:

  • The claimant must have been accepted* for a 50+ Funeral Plan
  • The referred plan holder must not already be a Golden Charter Funeral Plan holder - offer applies to new customers only
  • The referred plan holder must not be the referring plan holder’s spouse or partner and must reside at a different address to the referring plan holder
  • The vouchers cannot be used as a discount or exchanged for cash
  • This offer is not available to employees of Golden Charter or their relatives
  • Your vouchers will be sent to you between 30 days and four months from the acceptance* date of your friend’s plan, provided both your and your friend’s plans remain active and the necessary payments have been received
  • Terms and conditions are subject to change

For the purpose of this offer a customer who has been accepted by Golden Charter is referred to as a plan holder.

* Please refer to the 50+ Terms & Conditions for details of acceptance.