Funeral Plans

Golden Charter offers a choice of three funeral plans, each offering your clients welcome peace of mind by fixing the costs of their funeral director's services at today's prices. Each plan offers three payment options designed to suit all budgets.

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A properly drafted Will is a document which expresses your wishes when you die. By taking out a Will with Golden Charter, your clients can protect their loved ones and avoid complications and disputes after they die.

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Lasting Power of Attorney

A Lasting Power of Attorney allows clients to nominate an ‘Attorney’ who is normally a close relative or trusted friend. The attorney can then make decisions about the customer’s health, welfare and/or financial affairs should they become unable to do so.

Property Protection Trust

Property Protection Trust

Your client can specify who is to inherit their share of the home. If the surviving partner needs care, your clients share may not be taken to fund their care costs. The surviving partner can continue to live in the home or move house as they wish.


Probate Plan

Probate, known as confirmation in Scotland, is the legal process of administering the estate of someone who has passed away. A pre-paid probate plan from Golden Charter allows your client to pay a fixed fee at today’s prices.

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Family Protection Trust

The Family Protection Trust helps your clients to plan for issues that may affect their assets in the future. It provides protection of your clients’ assets, so that they can leave more inheritance to their loved ones, saving them money, time and stress.

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Basic Plans

The Basic Plans provide a way to make arrangements in advance for a dignified, direct cremation without a funeral procession or funeral service.