Our Customers

At Golden Charter, we know how much having a plan in place can mean to our customers and their families.


What our customers say

“ I knew my mum had a Golden Charter Funeral Plan before she passed away but I didn’t realise how much this would mean at a really stressful time.

The whole process was so straightforward and uncomplicated. We visited her funeral director on the day she passed away and he talked us through her plan. The only thing we had to choose were cars and flowers.

For me personally, it wasn’t about the money. My brother and I would have been able to find the money somehow to give her a good send off. It was the fact that my mum had chosen what she wanted. It made me feel better to know that the key things were her choices that she had discussed with the funeral director. After personal experience of a Golden Charter Funeral Plan, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone who was thinking about buying a plan.”

Lynn S, Plan holder’s daughter, Aberdeen