At Golden Charter we want to ensure that our Intermediaries have a range of supporting materials designed to help you explain the benefits of our products and services as simply as possible. 

In particular, we fully understand the need for simplicity and transparency in our relationships with both you and your clients. As a result our marketing materials are designed with both you and your clients in mind.

For those Professional Advisors who aren't registered with Golden Charter we have created our Funeral Plans brochure packs.

These include:

  • Customer Brochure
  • Key Features Document
  • Terms and conditions.  

However, if you have registered, or wish to register, then we have developed our Intermediary Product Pack which includes a range of intermediary-specific information including:

  • Sample office and window posters
  • Family & Friends Leaflet
  • Reasons for purchasing a funeral plan
  • Product fact sheet
  • Client facing funeral plan information leaflet
  • Golden Charter Annual Review

If you would like to access this additional support and become a registered Golden Charter Intermediary, please click here.